Personalized Parent
Letters & Practice Cards

We make it easy to demonstrate progress!

  • Track progress in easy-to-read reports
  • Edit the templates to meet your language needs
  • Practice only the test items that are missed
  • Generate letters and practice cards for the whole class with one click
  • Meet student needs with personalized letters

Over 2,000 Preloaded Assessments

Custom tests by our Friends of ESGI. Included at no extra cost with your ESGI subscription!

  • Preschool (3), Pre-K (4), and Transitional Kindergarten
  • Sight Words, Guided Math & Reading, Reading Intervention, SEL and More!

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Create Custom Assessments

Build your assessments the way you want them!

  • Design and build your own custom assessments with the Auto Test Creator
  • Transition paper-based assessments quickly into the ESGI system
  • Customize assessments specific to your students and curriculum for any subject or grade level

Share Assessments

Work with your team to transition your paper assessments to ESGI!

  • Share teacher-created assessments across your district
  • Save time by using and editing pre-created tests

Charts, Graphs, & Reports

What's the least known letter or math fact in your class?

Find out instantly with ESGI's automated tracking and reporting system. Use real-time student data to:

  • Individualize lessons
  • Create small groups
  • Guide whole class instruction
  • Collect raw scores and track detailed student progress over time
  • Access easy-to-read charts, graphs and reports
  • Convert your raw scores into your report card grade scale

Schedule Parent Conferences

No more handwritten scheduling forms. Automatically generate them with ESGI's Parent Conferencer Tool!

  • Use the simple template and the preloaded student names to quickly schedule parent conferences
  • Create personalized, professional-looking letters and reminders in multiple languages
  • Print or email to parents throughout the year as needed, and support your administrative staff with your complete and accurate parent conference schedule